How Heated Gloves Work

Usable during the cold season when the mercury drops, heated gloves are an undeniable accessory. Combining a compact design, heating technology and ease of use, we tend to consider them THE pair of gloves to have in our wardrobe.

Promoting pleasant warmth in any situation, we will discuss the operation of this equipment designed to protect your fingers from the cold effectively.

1. How do heated gloves work?

1.1 A 140-year-old innovation


The invention of heated gloves dates back several decades.

It was in the 1980s that these revolutionary gloves were born. At the time, they were intended to be used by motorcyclists. Later, they will be democratized and will be adopted by skiers, snowboarders or even by outdoor workers.

Nevertheless, the innovation allowing these gloves to emit heat dates back to the 19th century.

During the 1880s, the British electrician and chemist Joseph Swann worked on the development of the incandescent bulb. The grandmother of the LED that illuminates our homes today.

At the time, this bulb had to revolutionize lighting by replacing old kerosene lamps and candles.

Swann's objective is therefore to use carbon to design his light bulb. To do this, he uses carbonized paper to obtain a carbon filament . Excellent conductor of heat, he wants to heat it to high temperature so that it emits light. However, his work not being successful, they will be stopped for lack of funding. Its carbon filaments will thus be replaced by the famous tungsten filaments.

It will not be until 100 years later that this carbon fiber project will be resumed. With technological progress, the manufacturing processes of this fiber were greatly improved, which made it possible to obtain a product with unique characteristics and mechanical properties.

Lighter and five times stronger than steel, carbon fiber was a revolution, more than 100 years after its discovery.

Its characteristics then interested various industries such as the automobile, aeronautics and textiles.

Indeed, its ability to transfer heat interested various engineers who designed the first pair of heated gloves made with carbon fiber. Made with an ingenious structure, modern heated gloves still feature the same design.

The heating system is today made with carbon nanotubes , appreciated for their resistance, their reliability as well as their flexibility, a simple battery is necessary for their power supply. Electrically heated, these nanotubes thus provide warmth and comfort to their wearer to accompany them in their most isolated explorations.

Specialized in the field of heated equipment, Climb Winter offers a wide range of heated gloves designed to avoid discomfort from the cold. Hydrophobic, comfortable and breathable, these are high performance gloves that push the limits for those who exceed them.

1.2 How to use heated gloves?


Once the gloves are on, the electrically heated fiber will activate using two lithium-ion batteries. Supplied with the pair, they are placed discreetly in the lining of the glove.

Equipped with an on/off button on the back of the hand, it is arranged so as to be easily accessible. By pressing it for 3 seconds, the glove is activated and gives you access to its heating system. Equipped with an LED indicator so you can easily select the heat you want, you will have three temperature modes.

  • Blue or green (depending on the model chosen), it will indicate a temperature between 30 and 35°C;
  • In White, it will offer a temperature ranging from 35 to 40°C;
  • Finally, red in color, the proposed heat will be between 40 and. 45°C.

Designed to give you comfort in any situation, these heated gloves will warm your hands and fingers to protect you from the dangers of the cold.

1.3 Autonomy of heated gloves


The heating promulgated by the gloves will be provided thanks to small batteries of 4000 mAh each. They will provide heat for an average of 4 to 7 hours depending on the heating mode you select. The more intense it will be, the more the autonomy will be impacted downwards.

2. The different types of heated gloves


2.1 Heated gloves for winter sports

Designed for skiing, cross-country skiing or even snowboarding, the heated gloves feature an innovative construction.

Also called thermal gloves , these pairs ensure a pleasant and evenly diffused temperature to protect skiers and other snowboarders from sub-zero temperatures.

Made with water-repellent, windproof, breathable and particularly abrasion-resistant materials, they allow unparalleled dexterity to fully enjoy your descents on the ski slopes.

Loved by top athletes, their lightness and comfort make them ideal gloves for practicing winter sports.

2.2 Heated gloves for outdoor sports

Also available for horseback riding, hunting, cycling or fishing, these gloves have unparalleled versatility.

Each pair is thoughtfully crafted to effectively protect the wearer's fingers and extremities. Granting excellent dexterity, it is designed to allow maximum precision in gestures.

Whether it's to pull a trigger, control reindeer, or even manage bicycle brakes, the movements will be carried out with ease.

In full activity, their breathable coating is designed to regulate body temperature and thus limit sweaty hands.

Equipment studied for performance, their elegant and sober design will go well with many outfits so as to be both well protected and well dressed in all circumstances.

2.3 Heated motorcycle gloves

For motorcyclists who want a pair of gloves that protect them from the discomfort of the cold and the dangers of the road, heated models are more than relevant.

Offering waterproof properties that act as a barrier to water and wind, they are designed with joint protection . In addition, their design is made with materials that are resistant to shocks, skids and tears. Intended for motorcycle owners, the gripping surface is the subject of particular attention so that they can use their two wheels without any problem.

Equipped with a double tightening at the wrist, the support is optimal for improved safety.

3. Are heated gloves dangerous?


Heated gloves are not dangerous and will not burn you.

The construction of the heated gloves allows them to heat up without being dangerous. Studied for safety, they promulgate a pleasant and intelligently diffused temperature so as not to risk burning.

Providing a high level of security, they are tested and approved so that they can be worn without hesitation.

If it turns out that the delivery has damaged the gloves or the batteries, the pair should not be used under any circumstances. If the integrity of the gloves is impacted, it is necessary to contact the company responsible for sending it.

4. Can heated gloves be washed?

When you wear gloves, it is quite possible that they get stained with different substances. This is why the heated gloves can be easily washed .

It is first of all essential to remove the batteries before hoping to be able to clean them. Otherwise, they could be damaged and no longer be able to provide heat.

Then, in order to properly wash gloves, they must take a basin filled with water and use a mild detergent . Afterwards, the pair must be cleaned to remove stains, taking care not to twist the gloves.

Finally, it will be time to air dry. It is essential here not to use a dryer so as not to damage the heating system integrated into the lining.

We are coming to the end of this article, if you have any questions about heated gloves, do not hesitate to let us know in the comments. We will be happy to answer them.

To properly prepare for your winter outings and effectively protect your fingers from the cold, you can consult our collection of heated equipment . Made with high performance materials, they are designed for versatility to follow you in all your explorations around the world.

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