The story of Climb Winter.

Because winter is a magnificent season, because the snow makes all the landscapes breathtaking and because the cold can be unpleasant and dangerous, the two creators of ClimbWinter decide to counter the harmful effects of the cold by launching their own brand of heated clothing . and techniques.

After having studied and developed their experience in the science of fluids and the mechanics of materials, their desire to make winter outings pleasant has materialized.

Rocked from their earliest childhood by the entrepreneurial spirit, they each have the ambition to give life to their creativity. Both passionate about winter landscapes, their desire is to offer efficient and aesthetic heated jackets to be able to enjoy winter without inconvenience. It was therefore in 2019 that they launched themselves by imagining a brand that resembled them in order to offer high-performance and accessible equipment.

Their passion for fashion and for sport and their taste for the mountains infuse the brand with its elegant and chic spirit.

Heating Technology.

The heating system is a real technological feat for heated clothing.

They are made with lightweight and flexible graphene carbon nanotubes surrounded by an insulating coating to distribute heat. With stable and reliable heating performance, there is no harmful electromagnetic radiation. Soft and thin to the touch, the heating zone has a wide surface with an even temperature and better insulation. In order to ensure the reliability of the product, the ignition button intelligently and precisely controls the temperature throughout the heating process.

Designed to be easy to use and safe, the garment offers 3 different homogeneous and fast heating modes. Thanks to their high performance design, the jackets are as light as normal clothing for optimal comfort.

High Performance Technical Materials.

In order to offer high-end technical jackets with increased performance, the use of water-repellent materials is a necessity. The goal here is to make them water repellent and windproof to maximize comfort.

To limit heat loss and increase insulation, technical jackets are equipped with storm flaps . When it is above the zipper, it prevents rain and wind from entering the garment through the zipper while optimizing thermal flow.

Finally, the use of a micro-fleece lining allows the inside of the jacket to be soft and comfortable. The goal is to make it a garment that can be worn all day without discomfort and with extraordinary ease.

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