How to Adopt the Right Outfit for Outdoor Sports in Winter?

During the winter season, it is essential to choose the right sportswear. During the summer, the temperatures are mild and pleasant, but when autumn arrives, they decrease and cool many people.

Allowing not to alter its performance, selecting the right clothes will allow you to exert yourself without the discomfort of snow, rain and cold. In addition, it will allow you to focus on your performance as well as your sports routine.

In this article, you will discover the different clothes to adopt to take full advantage of your winter training.

How to choose your sportswear in winter?

In order to be able to go and do your sport in cold weather and not risk getting sick, here are some rules to follow.

The first thing to do is to banish cotton or wool . They are not good materials for playing sports in cold weather because they absorb perspiration, which will tend to cool you down more outdoors. You will have to opt for synthetic clothes.

Layer the layers of clothing


Known in the field of the mountain, it is relevant to use a sports outfit respecting the rule of the 3 layers of clothing .

  • The first layer will feature an undergarment, such as a t-shirt. To limit heat loss and evacuate perspiration , it is generally very thin. At the level of the legs, it is relevant to adopt tights like leggings. Light and tight, it is the equivalent of a second skin that follows our movements with the greatest comfort.
  • For the second layer, this one must keep you warm. This front to bring warmth, it can be made of a fleece jacket. Thermal barrier between the body and the outside, its lining reflects heat to prevent any loss of body heat. Fleece is preferred for this second layer because of its waterproof , windproof and breathable properties. In addition, thanks to its stretch properties, it can accompany the movements of athletes. At the level of the legs, they can be double insulated by opting for looser shorts or jogging.
  • Finally, for the last layer, this one is composed of an insulator in order to protect itself from bad weather . Protective due to its windproof and waterproof capacity, it can take the form of a light jacket or a vest providing effective protection against wind and rain.

These three layers are optimal when temperatures are freezing and below 0°C. However, they may be too warm or bulky to go for a jog, so feel free to use just two layers. Indeed, the first and the second can be largely sufficient. The fleece being fundamentally insulating and windproof, its protection is already optimal.

Moreover, with its version 2.0, it offers more possibilities. At Climb Winter, the fleece jacket incorporates a heating system that promulgates pleasant warmth in any situation. Designed with lightweight and insulating materials, this heated fleece maximizes the comfort of athletes by offering them unparalleled comfort.

Adopt gloves and a cap for the extremities


In the cold, it is important to protect your extremities well because they are the most sensitive to low temperatures. Prone to frostbite or frostbite, playing sports outside in the middle of winter requires covering them well.

  • For the hands, it will be necessary to favor gloves made of synthetic material with a water-repellent and windproof coating . Breathable and waterproof, they will protect your fingers and keep you dry. To improve your comfort, you can opt for heated gloves . Like fleece, they incorporate thermal technology that provides the wearer with warmth and comfort during outdoor activities.
  • For the head, it is necessary to wear a hat or an earmuff so as to insulate the ears from the cold. This will, for example, prevent ear infections.
  • For the feet, it is relevant to select the right pair of socks as well as the right shoes. Indeed, it is necessary to avoid that they are too tight so that they do not block the blood circulation. In addition, opt for a pair of shoes with crampons , so as to avoid falls and other slips.
  • Finally, to stay safe when the weather is bad, you will need to wear light-colored clothing with a reflective strip on the arm. If you like to run at night, bring a headlamp to be even more visible to other users such as motorists.

Take good care of your skin when it's cold


When the cold sets in, it is important to properly maintain and protect your skin from the cold temperatures. In these climatic conditions, the skin feels tight, dries out, peels and may have redness. It is therefore important to use restorative and protective moisturizer in order to protect it decently. In addition, this will prevent premature aging and keep it elastic.

At the level of the lips, in order to avoid chapping, it is imperative to use a lip balm . Very sensitive, the skin here is very thin and does not appreciate the cold. In order to save them, it is important to exfoliate them at least once a week. To do this, you just need to use sugar that you will place on your fingers to gently rub your lips. This will remove dead skin before applying lip balm.

Avoid dehydration when it's cold

In winter, when it is cold, thirst is not felt, and yet it is a deceptive sensation. In order to maintain its internal temperature at 37°C, the body consumes a large quantity of calories, which leads to significant water consumption. For example, professional athletes such as skiers and snowboarders drink several liters of water in competition because their reserves are directly impacted by the cold.

It is therefore necessary to drink enough when practicing an outdoor sport in winter in order to avoid dehydration and the problems associated with it.

We are coming to the end of this article. If you have any questions about the ideal outfit during your outdoor sports practice, you can write it in the comments. We will respond as soon as possible.

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