TOP 7 of the Best Heated Jackets 2022

Ideal for cold weather when the fall and winter seasons set in, the heated jacket is an item of equipment that has become essential. Promulgating a homogeneous and pleasant temperature, this one is appreciated by adventurers for its foolproof versatility .

Designed with advanced materials and revolutionary technology, the heated jacket will follow you for your daily activities as well as for the practice of winter sports. Available as a coat, down jacket or vest, with or without hood, windbreaker or not, there is something for everyone.

In this guide to the best heated jackets , we'll cover the seven most popular models and their much talked about technology.

1. The smart heated coat


This smart jacket has 8 heating zones , five of which are on the back, one on the neck and two on the front pockets. The model offers 3 adjustable heat levels using the button located on the garment. In order to regulate the temperature, it is a luminous indicator which equips the button. In red color the heat is high, in blue it is medium and when white it is low.

This heated hooded jacket for men is offered without a battery. Equipped with a 10,000 mAh portable charger, it will provide up to 8 hours of heating, enough to use it all day.

Removable, the detachable hood will protect the neck from drafts and moisture. Designed with a waterproof and windproof outer membrane , this men's heated coat will accompany you on all your adventures around the world.

To optimize comfort during long treks in the mountains or days on the slopes, the jacket is equipped with an internal micro-fleece lining . Used for its comfort and breathability, it is extremely soft while allowing excess moisture to escape from the body.

2. The heated technical jacket


Offering 3 heating zones , a large one along the spine and two at the front pockets, this model will be ideal for outdoor sports, hunting and hiking. Incorporating an on/off button located inside the jacket, it has an LED to select the temperature levels. Three in number, you can choose a temperature, from 25°C, 35°C and 45°C. These will be respectively identifiable thanks to a luminous LED of white, blue or red color. To activate them and use them wisely, it will first be necessary to connect the power cable to an external battery. Autonomy will then be between four and eight hours depending on the portable charger adopted.

Windproof and hydrophobic, this unisex heated jacket is ideal for winter activities. Its impermeability will be characterized by the fact that water will not be able to pass through it. This feature is essential to keep you dry during sport when the outside climate is humid. Also breathable, internal moisture will be expelled while minimizing heat loss .

Dotted with micro-fleece, the inner surface of the garment will be very comfortable in all seasons. At the front, a front zip with an airtight flap and two press studs equip the jacket. They will allow this garment to withstand the freshest winds to keep you warm.

3. The heated parka


With 3 heating zones , this long heated down jacket for men and women will be ideal for urban or mountain use.

The heated zones of this parka are arranged at the level of the back and the side pockets. Made of carbon fiber, they evenly distribute pleasant heat to all parts of the body. For those who want a jacket that efficiently and precisely heats the shoulders, chest and back, this model will suit you.

Integrated at the level of the left pocket, a button allows the adjustment of the temperature of the coat. For the design of this overcoat, a high performance polyester has been used in order to obtain a windproof and waterproof surface.

To power this jacket, a lithium ion battery, not included, will allow an autonomy of 8 hours . Finding a place inside the garment in a pocket intended for it, this suit is easy to use.

With a fitted cut, this heated jacket is intended for men. Easily adjustable, its hood and cuffs are adjustable to adapt to different morphologies. Studied and developed for the urban and mountain world, its lining is breathable so as to evacuate excess humidity and heat produced by the body.

For improved comfort, the front zip is fitted with a storm flap . Having to prevent the wind from penetrating the garment, it gives it excellent robustness in the harshest climates.

4. The smart heated jacket


For city adventurers, constantly looking for new places off the beaten track, the envelope jacket is made for you. Offering 8 heating zones , five of which are located on the back, one on the neck and two for the side pockets, this down jacket will be ideal for the city, skiing and camping. Appreciated for its versatility, the temperature it provides is controllable using a button located at chest level.

Three temperature modes will be available. Presented by an LED indicator, red, blue and white, the temperatures will be 45, 35 and 25 degrees respectively. Without a battery, a capacity of ten thousand milliamp hours will provide approximately eight hours of autonomy.

Ideal for most weather conditions, its lightness and compressibility will allow it to be taken anywhere. Equipped with a windproof and water-resistant surface , a hybrid construction is used for this model. Offering breathability, flexibility and performance, it will be the perfect ally to conquer the urban world and the forest world.

Inside, it is adorned with a micro-fleece for increased comfort in all circumstances. A prodigy in the world of technical clothing for the outdoors, its elegance will make it one of the most used garments in a wardrobe.

5. The smart heated vest


This professional heated vest will be ideal for hunting, horse riding, fishing and other outdoor activities. Designed for versatility, it has 9 heating zones distributed between the front and back of the garment.

Adopting the construction of a sleeveless quilted jacket, an on/off button is placed on the upper right part of the suit. It allows you to juggle between the different temperature levels. By pressing it for 3 seconds, the vest will turn on. To control the heat, you can identify it with a white, blue and red indicator light. With tones reminiscent of the French flag, they will respectively indicate a temperature of 25°C, 35°C and 45°C.

Apart from the infrared heating function, this vest is equipped with a water-repellent and windproof coating. Designed by professionals for professionals, it will offer undeniable thermal protection to accompany you in the practice of your hobbies and passions.

For lady or gentleman, these different colors will allow you to adapt it to your style and your look.

6. The heated quilted jacket


Sleeveless, this electric heated vest has a breathable structure to evacuate excess heat and perspiration emanating from the body. Adopting an ingenious construction, it features 2 large front pockets.

Made with a durable material, high performance polyester, it will face the most unleashed elements. Designed to provide heating for ten long hours , this technological garment can accommodate a large capacity portable charger.

The heated shelves of this jacket take place in the back and the neck to invade the whole of the jacket with a pleasant warmth. Like the other models presented in this comparison, it displays a temperature indicator by LED color.

To limit heat loss, the armholes have an elastic nylon edging that will fit optimally. Allied to the explorer of metropolises and mountain peaks, it is a model designed for exacerbated versatility.

Usable as a jacket for motorcyclists, it will give them significant warmth during rides on their two-wheelers. Compressible, light and comfortable, it will be easy to use it as an under-jacket.

7. The heated jacket for children


Developed for the little ones, the junior heated down jacket offers good thermal insulation due to its close-fitting cut. Equipped with adjustable sleeves, a windproof hood and a water-repellent coating, the protection it offers is optimal. For getaways in the middle of nature, and during the cold season, it is a model thought out down to the smallest detail.

Very comfortable, its structure features down maximizing warmth. With revisited ventilation, the materials used give the garment good breathability. Important criterion for the practice of winter sports, it will prevent the child from having a surplus of perspiration in his jacket.

Equipped with 3 heating zones, these are arranged at the level of the front pockets as well as at the level of the back. With an external 10,000 mAh charger, not included, the down jacket will be able to provide warmth and comfort for more than 10 hours.

What type of heated jacket to choose?

With different shapes and models, there are multiple types of heated jackets.


The softshell jacket

Technical fabric greatly appreciated in the outdoor world , the softshell is windproof, hydrophobic and breathable.

Made up of two textile layers, the first, the one facing the elements, is impregnated with a water-repellent product, the second is woven in such a way as to be breathable, that is to say that the fibers are less tight than the first one. Soft, resistant and flexible, it allows the design of clothes that are pleasant to wear. Heated softshell jackets are also very popular in the field of winter sports because they are very comfortable.

Compatible with a washing machine, it is advisable not to do it too regularly to avoid damaging it.

Nylon jacket

Renowned for its use in the manufacture of heated jackets, it is appreciated for its technical characteristics. Comfortable, breathable, light, this textile jewel has a low absorbency, which allows it to dry quickly. Very flexible, it is extensible and resistant, which is appreciated for developing efficient and pleasant nylon heated jackets on a daily basis. Promulgating great wind resistance, it is useful for designing jackets for high mountain sportsmen or professionals exposed to the elements.

The fleece jacket

Appreciated for its fluffy insulating surface, the heated fleece jacket combines both a good level of heating and moderate resistance to rain. Light and comfortable, it makes it possible to develop heated clothing that is ideal for combating the freezing seasons.

Being a hollow fiber, the synthetic fleece allows each strand to store air, which will act as insulation. It is a popular component for designing warm, light, breathable and soft clothing.

How to choose your heated jacket?

To take full advantage of the benefits of a heated garment, it is necessary to make the right choice.


Criterion 1: Use

Before acquiring a heated jacket, it is important to understand what you are going to use it for. A skier, a snowboarder, will not have the same needs as a hiker in Lapland .

Can be used for the practice of winter sports, the suit will be worn for a few hours. In fact, its wearer will want great freedom of movement as well as a light garment, using nylon or polyester. A vest that can be used as an under-jacket or a light down jacket will then be optimal in order to be able to move easily.

Conversely, a walker wishing to travel in an area where the temperatures are freezing will require a thicker model like one of our heated coats .

Criterion 2: The composition of the insulating layers

Three in number, a jacket is made up of multiple insulating layers. On the outside, the synthetic layer is durable and allows the garment to withstand the elements. Hydrophobic and windproof , it protects the second layer, made up of goose down, duck feathers or synthetic materials, as well as the heating system. Finally, more silky, the last insulating layer is made of micro-fleece for optimal comfort.

Criterion 3: Battery life

Operating like the vast majority of heated equipment, using a lithium-ion battery, this can be external or integrated into the garment.

Ranging from a voltage of 4 to 12 V, this will determine the heating power. In addition, the capacity of this battery will be an essential factor, because it is what will allow the jacket to heat up for a long time. For example, a 10,000 mAh battery will promulgate an average of 8 hours of heating.

Criterion 4: The model

With distinct styles, shapes and features, there's a model for every use. Offering sleeves or not, a hood or not, their possibilities will be multiple. Likewise, the pockets and their location on the jacket will be a criterion to be taken into account. A person wishing to practice via ferrata or mountaineering will need accessible pockets despite the harness . The ergonomics of the model is thus a factor to be taken into account when making your choice.

Criterion 5: The heat setting

Providing warmth through an electrically heated textile, it is controllable with a button. Its location will depend on the model of jacket chosen. With three heat modes available, the button should be easy to access. Taking place inside or outside the suit, it is a criterion to take into account depending on the use you may have of it.

We are coming to the end of this article, tell us in the comments which jacket model interests you the most. We are curious to learn it.

To discover all of our heated models, do not hesitate to visit our collection of heated coats . Using the same type of thermal technology, our heated gear will also be ideal for completing your winter wardrobe.

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