The 7 Most Luxurious Swiss Ski Resorts

Do you want to go skiing in one of the luxurious Swiss winter sports resorts , but you don't know which one to choose? In this article, we will review the most premium ski resorts in the Swiss Alps.

Being almost 70% mountainous, these resorts are among the highest in Europe. Attracting the jet-set and a noble clientele, it offers a wide range of luxury resorts.

1. St. Moritz in the Grisons Alps

St. Moritz-Swiss-Luxury-Station

We will start with Saint-Moritz which is located in the Canton of Grisson on the south-eastern side of the country. Taking place at an altitude of 1822 meters , this small village of 5000 inhabitants attracts millionaires and billionaires from all over Europe. Divided into two parts, Saint Moritz Dorf hosts the old village and Saint Moritz Bad corresponds to the village hosting the thermal springs and the recent constructions.

Counting not far from 9 5-star hotels , 14 4-star hotels as well as various high standing chalets. These are accompanied by 14 restaurants from the Michelin Guide , counting among them three 2 stars as well as two 1 stars .

The one we recommend is the "Paradiso". Located at the top of the slopes, at 2131 m, you can access it by chairlift or by the beaten track. Offering indoor dining or, weather permitting, outdoor dining, you will have a breathtaking view of the valley. From up there, you will see the entire Engadine valley, with the village of St. Moritz, Lake Silvaplana and the opposite mountain range with Piz Surlej and Piz Corvatsch. Dressed in one of our elegant heated jackets , you can enjoy creative and refined dishes while enjoying the surroundings without the discomfort of the cold, as if you were indoors.

Benefiting, thanks to the high altitude, from excellent snow cover from November to May, skiers and snowboarders will enjoy 350 kilometers of slopes . As one of the largest in Europe, the ski area is articulated around the Piz Nair culminating at 3056 m. With slopes for all levels, everyone will find the ideal slope for a unique experience. If you are looking for a unique activity to do during your stay, we recommend that you take part in the " Corvatsch Snow Night ". 4.2 kilometers long, this attraction corresponds to the longest illuminated track in Switzerland .

A true benchmark of luxury , Saint-Moritz is undoubtedly one of the most exclusive resorts in the Swiss Alps.

2. Zermatt in the Valais Alps

Zermatt-swiss-luxury-resort Taking place in the canton of Valais in southern Switzerland, Zermatt is known for the luxury and prestige of its ski resort but also thanks to its emblematic Matterhorn. The village is located at an altitude of 1608 m above sea level and has nearly 6000 inhabitants. A car-free city, it is advisable to leave your vehicle in the Täsch car park to take a train or a taxi, the only vehicles to take the road leading to Zermatt.

Once there, the village charms us with its elegance combining tradition and modernity. One of the most luxurious ski resorts, it includes 1 palace , 5 5-star hotels , 12 4-star hotels and multiple high-end chalets.

The village's international clientele also appreciates the 11 restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide , two of which have 1 star .

Among them, we recommend "Chez Vrony". Perched on a cliff slightly away from the village, it is housed in an old chalet. Remaining in its juice, we appreciate the woodwork and the mountain decoration which contribute to giving it a certain charm. Its geographical location, 2100 meters, helps its customers enjoy a more than exceptional view. You can eat indoors or outdoors thanks to a panoramic terrace. To complete the romantic and warm atmosphere, the gourmet dishes highlighting traditional and Mediterranean cuisine will seduce your taste buds. Explosions of finely mastered flavors, the pleasure will only be better.

Once the meal is over, you can leave to enjoy the pedestrian streets of the city center. Many luxury boutiques take place there to the delight of travellers.

If shopping isn't what you're looking for, you can hit the slopes to take advantage of the powder that fell the day before. With the help of gondolas and chairlifts, you will be able to easily enjoy the 360 ​​km of slopes that will be at your disposal. Divided between the Matterhorn and the Cervinia, it is the highest Alpine ski area .

3. Gstaad in the Bernese Alps


At 1050 meters above sea level, Gstaad attracts rich businessmen and politicians from all over the European Union, and even international stars, such as Madonna or Roger Moore. Small village in the Swiss Alps, it is located in the heart of a valley in the Canton of Bernes.

Hosting 3200 inhabitants, the Swiss village is a very luxurious resort. It includes 1 palace , 4 5-star hotels and 9 4-star hotels .

The Gstaad palace is the emblem of the Alpine city. Nestled on a hill, it overlooks it and offers its occupants a breathtaking view of the majestic surrounding mountains. Built in 1913, it welcomes a demanding clientele and offers them refined hospitality. Distinguished by its architecture and its turrets, it offers a spa, massage rooms and other amenities. Combining perfectly an old interior and a chic modernism, its location is ideal for enjoying the pedestrian streets and the ski area less than 5 minutes away on foot.

In addition to these prestigious establishments, Gstaad has 6 restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide . Among them, the "Summit" proudly displays 1 star.

This highlights a traditional Savoyard cuisine revisited, prepared with local products. Everything is to be enjoyed in a remarkable decor combining an alpine and modern interior of the most successful. To savor these gourmet dishes, you will have the choice between an interior room or a panoramic terrace.

In the continuity of your meal, you can head towards the vast ski area of ​​the resort. You will have 220 km of slopes there to enjoy snow and sumptuous panoramas. Being the only resort in Berlin to have a glacier , it is possible to ski there from mid-October to the beginning of May.

4. Crans-Montana in the Valais Alps


Perched at an altitude of 1495 m, Crans-Montana in the canton of Valais is one of the most beautiful and luxurious resorts in Switzerland. The village has no less than 2,300 inhabitants for nearly 5 5-star hotels , 10 4-star hotels and multiple luxury chalets.

For an unforgettable stay, we recommend the Chetzeron hotel . Adopting an unusual position for this type of establishment, it comes to lay its foundations at an altitude of 2212 meters. Located between two cable car stations, Cry d'Err and Merbré, it is only possible to get there by snowmobile or tracked vehicle. With a 360-degree panorama, a heated outdoor swimming pool and an ultra-modern interior, it is a one-of-a-kind place.

Further down the resort, in the heart of the village, you will find 5 restaurants listed in the Michelin Guide , two of which have 1 star . Our favorite is the one called "MontBlanc". Taking place in a typical alpine chalet, we appreciate its bay window which offers us a 180° view, simply stunning. In this place, the cuisine is prepared with Swiss and French products and transports us to an exceptional gastronomic world. Warm inside or outside on the terrace, the experience will be all the more unique.

During your stay, you can spend your afternoons strolling through the quiet streets of the village. Navigating from boutique to boutique, luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Audemars Piguet and Hermès will be part of the ride.

When you wish, the 140 km ski area will offer you its slopes and its freshly damned snow. Drawn on the slopes of Mont "Bonvin" at an altitude of 2995 m, the view will be revealed to you to amaze you.

5. Verbier in the Valais Alps


About thirty kilometers to the west, the Verbier ski area takes place on the slopes of "Mont Fort" (3328 m), "Bec des Rosses" (3223 m) and "Mont Gelé" (3022 m) .

Located at 1490 meters, the 3000 inhabitants of the Swiss municipality welcome in their village, a clientele coming from all over the world.

With 3 5-star hotels , 8 4-star hotels and various luxury chalets, Verbier is undoubtedly one of the most extraordinary Swiss winter sports resorts. To accompany them, 3 restaurants are part of the Michelin Guide , one of which is awarded 1 star .

Called " La Table d'Adrien ", you can enjoy tasty and inventive transalpine cuisine. Decorated like a grand hotel, the atmosphere is chic and modern. Paying particular attention to the products, the starred chef concocts fine and delicate dishes. Seductive with their colorful visuals and their scents, they will delight your taste buds for sure. To accompany your tasting, the sommelier will offer you, as it should, the wine that will sublimate your dish.

Once the meal is over, the alleys of the village will call you to discover the many luxury shops they host. If going shopping is not what you want, the slopes will surely meet your desires.

Belonging to the " 4 Vallées " ski area, Verbier enjoys one of the largest ski areas in the world. With 412 kilometers of slopes , a large choice of descents will be at your disposal. Varying from 821 to 3330 meters, temperatures can be freezing, below 0 degrees. Designed for this type of area, our heated gloves are designed with advanced materials to fully enjoy these magnificent slopes without the discomfort of freezing cold.

6. Davos in the Grisons Alps


Welcoming nearly 2,500 political decision-makers from all over the world each year, on the occasion of the World Economic Forum , Davos shines in other corners of the world. The most populated city of our selection, it has 11,200 inhabitants perched at an altitude of 1,560 m.

Taking place in the canton of Grisons in the south-east of the country, the Swiss resort knows how to welcome its rich international clientele. Offering nearly 4 5-star hotels , 13 4-star hotels as well as a large number of private chalets, Davos is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious resorts in Switzerland.

Its luxury hotels are accompanied by various gourmet restaurants, one of which is referenced in the Michelin Guide . In Davos, the one we recommend is called "Extrablatt". Offering an old-fashioned chic restaurant atmosphere, this place amazes us with the European cuisine that the chef prepares with ingredients selected for their quality. Nice discovery, we appreciate the setting and the atmosphere that make it a restaurant where you feel at home.

When the meal is over, the surrounding streets invite us to discover them. Dotted with luxury boutiques , shopping here is a real pleasure.

During the winter season, the ski area remains the main activity of the Graubünden town. With 214 km of slopes , the Davos Klosters Mountains region is very pleasant for indulging in winter sports. Very well appointed, everyone will find what they are looking for thanks to the 47 ski lifts which allow easy movement in this vast area.

7. Villars-sur-Ollon in the Vaudois Alps


Established at a height of 1258 m in the canton of Vaud, Villars-sur-Ollon welcomes a demanding clientele in its 2 5-star hotels as well as its 6 4-star hotels .

The small mountain village of 1,259 inhabitants has a Michelin Guide restaurant as well as multiple establishments where chefs compete in creativity. Among them, we recommend " Le Jardin des Alpes ". We gladly come and sit down to savor beautiful cuts of meat accompanied by carefully selected vegetables. Working with local producers, the products are of high quality. Games of colors and textures to satisfy the eyes and the palate, this garden located on the heights of the resort offers a real gastronomic experience.

When it's time to leave the table, you can indulge in a wide range of activities. The pedestrian streets will be ideal for enjoying the luxurious shops of the village, the area will offer you 133 km of slopes and the paths will be available to you for romantic hikes.

Now that we come to the end of this article, tell us in the comments which of these Swiss luxury resorts interest you the most. In addition, to take full advantage of these sumptuous places, opt for our mountain down jacket . Studied for this type of environment, it will guarantee you comfort and performance, to enjoy these cold regions.

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