The Best Heated Clothing for Horseback Riding

Horseback riding provides immeasurable pleasure. However, when the cold season shows the tip of its nose, riding on your mount can become uncomfortable.

A sumptuous outdoor activity, the art of horseback riding requires talent and elegance. In order to take full advantage of your mount in cold weather, you will discover in this article the best heated clothing for riding .

Heated clothing for horseback riding

When fall and winter set in, riding a horse isn't always the most comfortable. Staying warm indoors under a fluffy blanket on your sofa is a more than interesting option. The icy air outside is not the most attractive and riders know it very well. Riding in cold weather is a real mission where it is necessary to provide adequate clothing to withstand the freezing temperatures that prevail outside.

Despite this, this season offers a soothing calm where silence settles, the riders are less numerous and the snowy meadows present a sumptuous setting.

To continue to enjoy your passion when the climate does not support it, heated clothing is the ideal solution.

Specialized in outdoor textiles for almost 5 years, Climb Winter presents its second collection designed for horse riding in order to enjoy winter without the discomfort of the cold. With a first collection robbed in the space of a few hours, this second series presents a clean and elegant aesthetic to resume the outdoor show season in style.

1. Heated jackets for riding

Heated riding jacket


Small versatile technical down jacket, it is designed for all occasions. Combining compressibility and lightness, it can be taken anywhere. Whether for the city or the practice of equestrian sports , it has an insulating power that will leave you free to move thanks to a stretch material.

Windproof and hydrophobic , this equestrian jacket is ideal for the practice of equine discipline in cold weather. Ingenious, the material that composes it will allow perspiration to evacuate to keep you dry.

With this model, you will have 8 heating zones including five on the back, one on the neck and two for the side pockets. 3 temperature levels are offered, with a heat of 25°C, 35°C and 45°C. To power the garment, a removable external 10,000 mAh charger (not supplied) will provide you with up to 8 hours of heat . This connects to the jacket using a USB cable that takes place in a pocket provided for this purpose.

Designed to be used in all weathers, you can optimize autonomy in a simple way. You will be able to ride on the highest heat mode and then turn it down or off mid-ride while still staying toasty warm. The jacket being made with insulating materials, there will be little heat loss. In fact, once the temperature rises, it will stay for a while before falling. It is then at this moment that you will only have to turn the heating system back on.

In terms of look, the down jacket is available in different colors such as Bronze and Khaki to blend in with nature. The advantage of this jacket is that when you wear it, you no longer need to be bundled up with several layers of coats.

For you or for the people who accompany you to see you in competitions or lessons, they will no longer be able to complain and curse the day you chose an outdoor sport. Rider or not, this model will find its place in the closet of a chilly person.

In terms of cleaning the down jacket, it can go in the machine or be washed by hand while making sure to opt for cold water, a mild detergent and placing it in a laundry net.

The heated riding coat


Studied for the equine discipline , this technical coat with insulating power is designed with a triple thickness. Its outer surface is made with a windproof and water-repellent stretch fabric . It protects a second down-friendly layer as well as the heating system. Finally, the last layer sports a micro-fleece so as to be very comfortable. Offering an ingenious structure, the set offers great freedom of movement.

In order to keep you dry while practicing your equestrian sport, the jacket is breathable. This allows it to wick away perspiration while optimizing heat flow to stay warm.

On the front side, the front zip is equipped with a storm flap equipped with two press studs to effectively protect you from the elements. In order to optimize the ergonomics of the garment, the jacket has 4 pockets including two chest pockets with a coated and waterproof zip . These are ingeniously located for easy access when you're on your mount.

Offering pleasant warmth thanks to three heating zones located at the level of the back and the large side pockets, it is dispersed evenly for maximum comfort in any situation.

In order to manage the temperature of the garment, it will be done using the on/off button. Equipped with a thermostat to control the temperature of the garment while giving you the handling of the three heating modes, it is powered by an external battery (not included). With a capacity of 10,000 mAh, the autonomy will be an average of 8 hours .

When the time comes to go home, the jacket will be easily machine washable, by placing it in a net, or by hand.

This heated coat for horse riding will be ideal for riding outings in freezing temperatures.

The heated riding vest


Lightweight and efficient, this vest is designed for everyday use when temperatures drop. Versatile, it can be used for multiple activities thanks to its ergonomics.

Appreciated by French-speaking riders, this model is perfect for wearing over a sweater. When the outside temperatures cool down, its technicality and ingenious construction leave you free to move around.

Made with a windproof and water-repellent coating, it will keep you dry and warm during your horse rides. The model features down insulation that optimizes heat exchange to retain warmth while allowing body moisture to escape.

With an elegant design, this riding vest has 9 heating zones distributed on the front and back sides. Its panels are powered by a lithium-ion battery (not included), which gives the jacket more than 7 hours of autonomy .

With or without a hood, it can be retracted so that it can accompany you or not during your horseback riding. On the side of the armholes, they are made of elastic nylon for more comfort and heat retention.

Easy to maintain, it is washable by hand or machine, making sure to use a laundry net or a pillowcase to prevent it from being damaged.

2. Heated Riding Gloves

A pair of heated gloves for horse riding


To ride a horse during the cold season and not suffer the cold, heated gloves will be ideal. Adapted to the equestrian environment, this model is already appreciated by many French-speaking riders.

Flexible and built for action, these gloves are thick and tough to resist abrasion. Incorporating a heating system, it diffuses a pleasant temperature to your fingertips to prevent it from freezing during your walks in cold weather.

Two small rechargeable batteries are included with the pair, these take place in a pocket provided for this purpose. With an autonomy of between 4 and 7 hours depending on the heating level selected (3 levels), your pair of gloves will follow you throughout your horseback riding.

Having proven itself, its previous first generation version equipped cyclists, skiers and motorcyclists with success. Warming but also insulating, this model has a DWR water-repellent treatment, for "Durable Water Resistant" to resist rain and wind.

Adored by professionals in the equine discipline, it also presents another more upscale version.

A pair of premium heated riding gloves


Studied for performance, this pair of gloves has a resistant, waterproof and comfortable construction. When the outside temperatures reach - 5, - 10 degrees, this model will provide you with the most pleasant warmth, as if you were by the fire.

For your horseback riding or during your relaxing outings, this pair will give you good dexterity to help you manage the reins precisely.

Versatile, you can also use them for stable work when it comes time to walk, brush and sweep.

Offering three levels of heat, their integrated lithium-ion battery will give you between 5 and 7 hours of autonomy . The heat will be adjustable thanks to the indicator light acting as an on/off button.

Compatible with touch screens , the thumb and index finger have inserts specially designed to be able to use your smartphone at any time.

Ideal accessory to enjoy your outdoor activities without suffering from the cold, you can also take them to go skiing when you swap your riding boots for pairs of skis.

We are coming to the end of this article, let us know in the comments if it has been able to meet your expectations. For your next outings on horseback, don't hesitate to take advantage of these different heated clothing and equipment so that you can fully enjoy your experience in the great outdoors.

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